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Having written his first book about how generosity can lead to success at work, audiences began asking Adam about how to raise generous kids at home. In response, he wrote an op-ed on the topic, which quickly became the most-read and most-shared article on the New York Times website. Soon, readers were asking for a children's book on generosity. Unsure of how to translate the subject matter into a compelling message for children, he turned to his wife Allison, a lifelong writer and psychiatric nurse practitioner, to set about approaching it together.


Together, they've written a children's book about generosity that extends beyond the giving of a single gift, and taught children to view generosity itself as a gift. A mysterious gift box finds himself in search of someone to open him, but nobody seems to be the right one. After disheartening interactions with grabby kids, selfish siblings, and other single-minded would-be recipients, the box wonders if he'll ever find someone deserving of him. Could that someone be the very person who's reading the book?